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Things might get a little confusing but fret not, the FAQ section might solve some of your worries. 

If you still have questions, do write in to clarify! 

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Do you offer healthier options?

Yes! There are options for gluten-free cakes or cakes that require less sugar/butter for health reasons. Do let me know of any concerns or potential allergies!

Are the cake flavours limited to what is listed?

The flavours listed on the site are just popular flavour combinations, but you can definitely customise it to your liking. For every cake, the flavour of the cake sponge, filling and frosting are all variables that can be changed according to preference.

Can I customise a design?

Yes! You can scroll through my past work to see if there are designs that you like. To start, let me know what your colour scheme and rough idea for the cake and we can work from there.

Do you offer fondant cakes?

At the moment, I do not do fully covered fondant cakes but I do have the occasional fondant cake topper (depends on complexity of design).

Is it necessary to refrigerate the cake?

Buttercream cakes are able to last outside in an air-conditioned environment for 2 hours or so. If the place is too warm, it would be better to refrigerate the cake before displaying.. However, do remember to take the cake out 30-45 minutes before cutting the cake so that the buttercream and cake would not be too hard.

Can I have two flavours for my two tier cake?

Possible! However, it would be slightly more expensive.

Can you replicate this cake design that I saw?

Although it is inevitable to use photos of cake found online as inspiration or to convey the vision that you are gearing towards, I cannot replicate the design and copy wholesale. I seek your understanding on this!

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Are you halal certified?

Unfortunately, I am not. In most bakes, no pork and no alcohol are used unless stated.

Do you provide delivery?

Delivery would come at an extra charge and is also dependent on the date, time and location.

How far in advance do I have to place my order?

The earlier the better so that I can reserve the date slot for you. Ideally, it would be best to have 1-2 weeks lead time but last minute orders can be accommodated on a case by case basis. nevertheless, do write in to let me know.

How and when do I make payment?

Full payment needs to be made once the order has been confirmed and latest 1 week before the pickup/delivery date. Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayNow.

Where can I collect my order?

Self-collection will be from my place and the address will be given once the order is confirmed. It would be best to come via car for bigger cake orders as public transportr might be quite tricky. In the event that you drive, it would be best to have someone tag along to hold onto the cake (especially two-tier cakes!)

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